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17 Nov 2022

Floor Lamp with Tray Table | Why a Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are not colored ambient lights, but eye-protecting floor lamps mainly for lighting purposes. floor lamp with tray table Then the advantages of eye protection floor lamps are: The LED eye protection floo

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14 Nov 2022

Table Lamp Manufacturer Factory | How to choose a good desk lamp?

1. When choosing, pay special attention to whether there is a 3C mark (safety certification mark) on the manual to ensure that the product has passed the national safety certification. After all, some lamps that have not

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11 Nov 2022

Desk Lamp Manufacturer Factory | Appearance Design of Smart Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp Manufacturer Factory | As an indispensable lighting tool in people's lives, lamps and lanterns have attracted more and more attention to their appearance design. This is especially true for the design of sm

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05 Nov 2022

Table Lamp Manufacturer Factory| Looking for Light Sources for Children

The children's table lamp chooses the LED lamp type light source.Table Lamp Manufacturer Factory Because the LED light line is soft, there is no flicker phenomenon and it is the closest to natural light, the brigh

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19 Sep 2022

About the company

Dongguan Litesun Lighting Co.,Ltd is a professional lighting decoration manufacturing company in Dongguan, for med in 2006 with 2 million registered capital. Products from Litesun are mainly sold to North America, United

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