Wall Sconces For Bedroom | Faux Wood Finish Rustic Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces For Bedroom | Faux Wood Finish Rustic Wall Sconces

The wires connecting the wall sconces should be light-colored, so that it is easy to paint the same color as the wall to keep the wall clean. In addition, you can first dig a small groove on the wall that just fits the wire, insert the wire, fill it with lime, and then paint the same color as the wall.

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wall Sconces Purchase Considerations

  1. The style and specifications of wall sconcess should be coordinated with the installation site. For example, double-fire wall sconcess can be installed in large rooms, and single-fire wall sconcess can be installed in small rooms.
  2. The color of the wall sconces should be coordinated with the color of the installed wall.
  3. The thickness of the wall sconces should be coordinated with the environment of the installation site. If the surrounding area is large, thick wall sconcess can be selected; if the surrounding areas are narrow, thin wall sconcess can be selected.
  4. The power of the wall light source should be consistent with the purpose of use.
  5. The installation height of the wall sconces should be slightly higher than the human head.

Wall Sconces purchase | Pay attention to lampshade quality

When buying a wall sconces, the first thing to look at is the quality of the lamp itself. The lampshade is usually made of glass, while the bracket is usually made of metal. The lampshade mainly depends on whether its light transmittance is suitable, and the pattern and color of the surface should echo the overall style of the room. Whether the corrosion resistance of the metal is good, and whether the color and luster are bright and full are important indicators for checking the quality.

Wall Sconces Purchase | Light Brightness

Generally speaking, soft light is better, and the degree should be less than 60 watts. In addition, different types of wall sconces should be selected according to the installation needs. For example, if the room is small, use a single-head wall sconces; if the room is large, use a double-head wall sconces; if the space is large, you can choose a thicker wall sconces; otherwise, choose a thinner wall sconces. . The last thing to note is that it is best to choose a wall sconces with a protective cover for the bulb, which can prevent the wallpaper from igniting and causing danger.

Wall Sconces Classification | Bedroom Lamp

The light in the bedroom is dominated by soft and warm tones. wall sconcess and floor lamps can be used to replace the ceiling lamps in the center of the room. The wall sconcess should be made of diffused materials with low surface brightness. The wall above the head of the bed is equipped with a brown carved glass wall sconces, which has a simple, elegant and deep charm. On the bedside table, you can use the mother and daughter table lamps. If it is a double bed, you can also install a lamp with a dimmer switch on each side of the bed, so that one of them will not be disturbed by the light while the other is reading books and newspapers.

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