Table Lamp With Usb Charging Port And Outlet | Crystal Table Lamp Manufacturer Factory

Table Lamp With Usb Charging Port And Outlet | Crystal Table Lamp Manufacturer Factory

In addition to reading and decoration, the latest technology is like a robot. It can move, dance, automatically adjust the light, play music, clock, video, touch and other functions, especially the ceramic craft table lamp also has the value of collection.

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Dongguan Runxin Lighting Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Litesun Lighting Co.,Ltd is a professional lighting decoration manufacturing company in Dongguan, for med in 2006 with 2 million registered capital. Products from Litesun are mainly sold to North America, United Kingdom, France, Australia and so on. Litesun takes “Focus on quality, serve diligently” as its core value. We are expecting to bring more and better products to customers through our professional competence and persistent efforts.
Litesun Lighting obedience to there from customers for many years, at the same time with the product developing, Litesun established a completed manufacturing and quality inspecting system. We believe we will achieve mutually beneficial with our customers through our continuous efforts and pursuit!

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Table Lamp | Use Lamp Health Common Sense

Table Lamp | Common sense of healthy lighting when using lamps

When indoor lighting must be used, the five principles of lighting should be grasped:

  • With extensive lighting, the light should reach the entire tabletop;
  • Uniform illumination is adopted, and the illumination of each part must be consistent;
  • Keep stable lighting, the light source should not be dim or flicker;
  • maintain adequate lighting;
  • Finally, be careful not to let the light hit your eyes directly.

Table Lamp Styles

  • The advantages of wrought iron table lamp: fashion, modern, various shapes, suitable for decoration and versatile, low price. Disadvantage: easy to rust.
  • Advantages of crystal table lamp: suitable for luxury decoration, beautiful, classy, large in size, heavy and luxurious. Disadvantages: fragile, high price.
  • Wooden table lamp: Advantages: classical, simple in shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, moderate price. Disadvantages: easy to break, fade, open glue.
  • Acrylic table lamp advantages: small size, low price, easy to carry. Disadvantages: not on the grade.
  • Resin table lamp advantages: suitable for European style decoration, the lamp body structure is complex, and the style is noble and elegant. Disadvantages: easy to fade over time, high price.
  • Jade table lamp Advantages: exquisitely carved, high collection value Disadvantages: high price, fragile.
  • Advantages of ceramic table lamps: art, classical, diverse styles, strong ornamental, durable, moderate price. Cons: Fragile.

Table Lamp Purchase Skills

There are generally four types of light sources for writing table lamps: incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and LEDs. The four types of light sources have their own advantages and disadvantages. Different people may like the light color and brightness of different light sources, which should be suitable for each person. In order to project most of the light onto the desktop, the light source installation position of the writing table lamp is usually horizontal or downward.

When purchasing, in addition to checking its optical properties, it should also check whether other properties are qualified.

One pull, two tune, three shake, four touch.

"Pull": Unplug the power cord from the socket, and pull the power cord out of the lamp cavity to see if the power cord is firmly connected. The power cord must not come out of the lamp cavity.

"Adjust": Adjust the various working positions of the table lamp. When adjusting, no sound can be made. After adjustment, the working position should be easily and reliably locked.

"Shake": Adjust the table lamp to the most unfavorable working position, and then gently shake the placed surface to see if it is easy to overturn.

"Touch": After lighting the table lamp for a period of time (2 hours), touch the lampshade and other heat-generating parts that are easy to touch during use, whether it is hot to prevent accidental burns during future use.

Table Lamp Type | Touch Type

The principle of the touch table lamp is to install an electronic touch IC inside, which forms a control loop with the electrode sheet where the table lamp touches.

When the human body touches the sensing electrode, the touch signal is transmitted to the touch sensing terminal by pulsating DC current, and then the touch sensing terminal will send a trigger pulse signal to control the light on; touch again, the touch signal will be pulsed again. The direct current generates a pulse signal and transmits it to the touch sensing end. At this time, the touch sensing end will stop sending out the trigger pulse signal. When the alternating current crosses zero, the light will naturally go out.

Sometimes after a power failure or unstable voltage, it will light up by itself. If you touch the paper or cloth with excellent signal sensitivity, it can be controlled.

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